Welcome to Dusty Blue!

This theme was designed by Mark Helmstetter for the CSS Framework Design Contest. This CSS was designed to have a clean, professional look while making only minimal use of graphics. In fact, this them currently only uses 2 graphics; one for the branding logo and one for the tiny custom list bullets.

One of the primary design goals of this theme was to come up with a single theme that is customized to work with each of the 5 CSS Framework layouts without making any modifications to the original HTML. The basic layout and styling of this theme could be easily modified to incorporate different color schemes and variations.

I have to admit, implementing this theme took much longer than I had ever imagined, but most of that time was spent acutally learning the subtleties of CSS and the quirkiness of different browsers (yes, I'm talking about IE).

Thanks to Matt Raible for coming up with the idea for this contest and a big thanks to Mike Stenhouse for his contribution of the CSS Framework itself.

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